March 25th, 2004


dream (Kat)

Last night I dreamed that I became close friends with karmia. I didn't know she was so interesting! It was odd, 'cause she acted like the real Kat, only trusting of me. In real life I usually get this feeling that she might like me, but she's holding me at arms length like a snake she can't identify as poisonous or benign. It's odd. We've thought each other interesting for years, and stayed in the same realm because of Allison, but never actually became more than acquaintances. I don't even know her favorite color, and that's something I usually make a point of finding out. Hm. (I'm guessing either plum or navy.) And I was always a little intimidated by her, partly 'cause she's so damn intelligent, and partly 'cause I wasn't sure if she liked me or just tolerated me on behalf of Allison.
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