April 21st, 2004


website frontpage question

I changed the background on my entry page.... made it a gif and included text. PLEASE take a glance and tell me what you think. Do you think static is better, let people mouseover on their own? or should I have it fade from one text to the next instead of all at the same time? Do I need to make the delay longer during the time it shows the full text? I'm vacillating here, help me out!

::::EDIT:::: I changed it back, but you can see the debated image here.
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my wonderful (even when sick) husband

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEL!!! I'm glad you were born. The world would be so boring without you.

On another note, Ben is sick... so sick that he came home early today. Yet when he walked in the door, his first words to me were to tell me to lay down so he could massage my belly (I started my period today and I always have cramps the first day). After I took off his clothes and got him water and sponged him down (he was feverish), I let him massage me and as usual he made my cramps go away..... What a WONDERFUL husband I have!!! Thank you God!