May 13th, 2004


my Sci' Ethen.... sexy body

There are not words for how stunningly gorgeous my husband is. Especially wet. I could contentedly stare at him for hours. I'm so thankful God gave me a man with feline fluidity of form and movement... so long and lithe. And so Seminole! Ah! Those eyes! those cheekbones! And his lips are ...mmmmm. and the rest of his body... well, I won't get too detailed -- don't want you ladies to hopelessly lust after my man -- but it all matches.

Is he EVER going to get done with his shower? I don't wanna get my hair wet or I'd join him. *sigh*
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    naughty impatient

dream (candy-making business with Rebecca, owned by scourge)

last night I dreamed that scourge and Rebecca and I set up a candy-making business together. scourge bought the supplies and a one-room building to make it in, and then hired us to make it and sell it. He was originally intending to make it himself, but he got too busy and he figured that two hot chicks would sell it better than he could anyway.

Amusing dream. Especially considering that I've never even met scourge. I spend WAY too much time on LJ. ;-)