November 2nd, 2004


yes, I voted for Bush... and I'm happy that he won...

And my whole friends' page is upset that he was elected; it's not my fault, you guys cancelled me out by like 28 votes. ;-) And a lot of you are talking about having friends who are threatening to move to Canada. That pisses me off. Even if Kerry was elected I wouldn't be threatening to move to Canada; I know how good I've got it here in America. Talk about ungrateful. This is the best country in the world -- and I'd still be saying that if Kerry was elected. So tell your friends to quit their whining and go try out another country if they can't be thankful for the freedom they've got.

Why did I vote for Bush? For the reasons of the economy and security (btw, regardless of party, the economy always does well in the second term of a president), but mainly because I believe he's fundamentally honest, and I will support an honest person over a blurry one in any situation. Honesty is very very important to me. And he obviously has a relationship with God, yet he's loose enough to flip a bird -- I just plain like him for that. He's not one of those stiff fundamentalists. So yeah, I'll admit it, the main reason I voted for Bush is because I simply like and respect him.
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