December 26th, 2004


Cationes post?

Would any of you be interested in a post about a race/culture on my world, Cationes?

I'll still do it or not based on how much I wanna, but you can sway me.

If you are interested, which most sparks your interest?
the Edhelekharo / golden elf type
the Feanen / faery type
the Liltalnen / water people (a unique race of mine)
the Setsu / a completely unique race of very similar-looking people
the Tallran / forest elf type (with a unique twist)
the Chima / giant type
Pixies / my take, not traditional at all

Ha, no poll -- you have to comment!


Well, darkpool (whom I only know via LJ) read my wish list and sent me "The Red Unicorn," which she just happened to have, and then my RL friend jedibubbles gave me the first two of that series, without knowing that Kyra (I like calling you that even though I know it isn't your real name) had already given me the third! So I have the whole series very randomly, how awesome is that???

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