January 29th, 2005


compliments on my earrings vs. my hair / b-day present happiness

Yesterday at work, a 20-something black man came through my line and commented on the earrings I was wearing (see photo). I told him I made them and he said "Really? They're wicked. I like 'em." I was so flattered! And for some reason I LOVE the word wicked used like that. It seems so sexy and forceful -- it's the "ck" sound, I think, the same as the word fuck. I love the letter/sound K.

He really surprised me -- a guy commenting on jewelry! I think that's more acceptable in black culture than in white culture, not sure why, and of course it's just my impression. But Spencer and Julius both showed actual interest in my jewelry, and not just because it was my hobby either.

Other than him, I've had two women comment. Compare that to at least one comment on my hair every hour I work (a lot more during the busy holiday season, 'cause there were more customers per hour). It makes me want to shave my head -- what do I have to do to get people to comment on my earrings? Yeah, so I like having my artistic ego stroked, is that so bad? I mean, they're at least as unusual as my hair, which is always in a boring braid at work anyway.


and I'm SO exCITED! misemifein2 is sending me a birthday present! I feel so loved! It made me smile every time I thought about it today. I can't really express it -- I think part of the reason I'm so thrilled is because she lives in Scotland and had to go through some effort to get/make/whatever it and then wrap and send it -- someone going out of their way for me always touches me deeply. So kisses to you Kate! xoxo
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