March 3rd, 2005


happy birthdays to Reba, Kat, and Kaylene!

wow, lotta birthdays today.
Happy Birthday anar_anar's little sister!
Happy Birthday karmia!!! and
Happy Birthday to my mayana!!!

I know she probably won't read this, since she hasn't used her LJ for over a year and as far as I know she never checks in, but I had to say it, 'cause she's my girl. She's incredible. If you're curious, I just went and memoried all the posts I made with significant parts about her, so read here. (there were more than I remembered). I also emailed her (and mentioned that you also miss her, Eve). I wanted to get her a present, but that would have been pointless since I don't have her current address. :-( So I just did what I could, and prayed that God would make her day delightful.