March 7th, 2005


on the spirit realm -- by alariya

alariya can see people's spirits sometimes. She posted her thoughts/feelings about that tonight -- if you want to, go on over there and read and comment. I support her 111%, by the way, and am proud to be friends with someone whom God has given such an awesome gift.
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reason #3,542,895 that my husband is the best man ever

Ben shaved his mustache for me!!! Oh my fucking gosh. Now that's love -- he said it was a sacrifice, and he hates change and likes looking as intimidating as possible, so I believe him.

His lips are the most beautiful I've ever seen on a man (including Ryan Phillippe). I couldn't stop kissing him today, because every time I looked at him I was irrisistably attracted to his gorgeous sexy lips. That mustache did nothing but mask his lips and make him prickly -- now I understand why I so often turned my head when he tried to kiss me! I thought it was my fucked-up-ness, but it was that porcupine sitting on his upper lip!

I'm so happy and I feel so loved. For a person like Ben to make such a drastic change -- damn. But I want the goatee and sideburns to stay. ;-)
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