March 8th, 2005


work -- horrid parenting and a rescued mistake / nakedness from a broken shell

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After I got off of work, Ashley came over, 'cause she's been hurting. She's becoming spiritually open, and the becoming process is very painful... you keep trying to crawl back into a shell that isn't there any more, and your spirit gets raw from all the contact with other spirits. I remember it very well, and even though I feel for her, I am glad she's going through what I went through because it validates my experience. I've never known anyone besides myself who's been through that... and I went through it with only God, no physical person to help me, I'm glad she has me. In a weird way it makes me want to go through it again, because that was a period of such rich growth... Even through the pain, so much growth, and in that growth so much clarity. It was all new, there was no misinformation to cloud it.

Anyway, I held her, she wept, I listened, I loved on her for the first time (so far it's been the other way around). My alariya, I love you sweetheart.

P.S. I am in love with my new icon.
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