March 19th, 2005


happy birthday to aubkabob and chapeco!!!

Happy Birthday aubkabob!!!
Happy Birthday chapeco!!!

Two of my favorite lj-friends were born on the same day!

aubkabob, you make me laugh out loud all the time with your quirky turn of phrase, and I adore that. Even when you're sad, you manage to find something to laugh at, and it doesn't seem like the phony 'avoiding reality' Chandler-type humor -- you genuinely feel your sorrow but at the same time, feel true amusement. You and I, we're like this *points two fingers back and forth at your eyes, then mine, then yours* You're a person who gives deeply of herself, and I admire that. Keep on being you. Collapse )

chapeco, I've really enjoyed getting to know you over the last two months. I greatly respect openness and honesty, and you dish out a good-sized dollop of both. I enjoy the way you write, how you explain your feelings and thoughts. Mostly, I like reading your journal because I feel that I am getting to know a brave, passionate person. I think we've both inspired each other occasionally, and I hope to develop a solid friendship with you.

dream (being hispanic and naked, moving to the unknown, skeleton of house with evil underground)

transcribed by Ben

I was at a very open house, with lots of screen windows and doors. With a family I knew was mine, and we were all Spanish speaking and we all looked Hispanic. And I was wearing a skirt and I had my hair down, otherwise I was naked. I was going to be in a play, and I had just performed a part of it for them so they could see what it was going to be like. They all thought it was very cool, and then the grandfather sat down and started explaining a part of the story in the play and he was talking about how this guy had refused to do God's work so God took away his gift. (Or something to that effect). And I said "well I don't think it was that way, I think he rejected the gift but God didn't take the ring (which I suppose meant the gift) away, he threw it away." And then the old man got very sullen, even though he agreed with me. A little while later he and some others left.

The house then changed into my bioparent's GA house, and I was with different people. I remember a guy and a girl both about my age, whom I don't know in real life, and some other people. Suddenly we were all like "let's go" and I went and got some of my clothes, leaving everything else, and we went outside and got in the trailer, which was all decorated and fitted out for a long trip. We were sneaking out while my parents were in their bedroom either sleeping or watching a movie, because they would have stopped us. We were going to go somewhere warm; we didn't know where, just that it was time to go. So we all got in the car and left. I was stunned that we'd had the guts, and said "I can't believe we're doing this," and the other two agreed with me -- they were amazed too.

Then the scene switched, and we were at a house that was only the skeleton of the actual house, so you could see everything. It was three stories and it had an attic. The girl, guy and I were climbing all over it looking for what was wrong, because we could feel something was amiss. I asked them how many rooms were in their basement, and the different people in the caravan replied different things. But we all knew that the ground was evil, and that there was something underground that was so evil we didn't want to touch the ground. And the only safe place was at the very top of the house, and yet it was all rickety and shaky, swaying to and fro...

aubkabob (or any other dream-studiers with opinions), any interpretations?