March 26th, 2005


photos of Kanika #3 (plus one of me!)

So I was taking photos of the earrings I made for aubkabob, and Kanika decides that I would like to take pictures of her, so she goes and lays down on the satin shirt I use for my 'earring studio.' I agreed with her and took pictures until my dying battery gave out (which wasn't very long, sadly).

Kanika's a teenager now... not such a kitten anymore.
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Me and my blue hazel eyes and long double pair of earrings that got commented on at work, yay!
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Like my lip expression?

I always thought the song went, "Who's got the lo-ove, who's got the fresh impression, who's got the only sweetest thing in the world" -- but no, apparently it's "fresh-e-freshy" -- wtf? They shoulda asked me.
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