July 25th, 2005


dream (black woman pope, meeting president & first lady & falling on my face 3 times)

I was at an important social function, just looking around. I saw a beautiful old black woman, and somehow knew that she was the pope. Even in my dream that impressed me as being a huge step in the right direction for the Catholic Church.

Someone came and urged me to go in the next room, so I headed over there. President Bush was in the doorway (for some reason he was lying belly-down in a tube that went into the wall), and as I approached I tripped and fell on my face. I tried to laugh it off, looking the president in the eye and saying "That was an accident, I'm not actually bowing at your feet" -- but he just stared solemnly at me. I was very embarrassed that he didn't laugh. Everyone seemed to act as if that was very rude of me to fall like that.

So I walked on into the next room and people were dancing in a circle, surrounded by people sitting on couches. The music was something that celebrated liberty, and it got me excited enough to forget about the president and join in the dance. I had only danced a few steps when a sitting woman put out her foot and tripped me, and I fell on my face again, this time across several people's laps, with my face and shoulders landing on the first lady (who looked a lot like Beth Fitchner). I got up and apologized profusely and started to leave the room, incredibly embarrassed, and the one who had tripped me said, "Wait!" I turned back around and she said, "Don't leave yet, there are still some people you haven't fallen on!" and started laughing. I turned and ran out of the room, starting to cry, angry and ashamed, thinking to myself "What a bitch! There's no way I would have treated anyone like that!" and as I opened the door to outside and stepped on the sidewalk, I tripped on nothing and fell on my face again -- but since no one was watching I didn't bother to get up, I just cried so hard I woke myself up.