July 26th, 2005


dream (teens gather small children for huge monster to molest-kill, I fly & steal grenade from base)

I was running away from something, and I could fly -- so I flew out over some water to a tree that had protruding roots, and I was going to hide there but all among the protruding roots were naked dead children (ages 2-6) in fetal positions, covered by water. Not rotting, just dead, and there were at least 24. Then I went to hide in the bank of the river, but there were older children (ages 13-15) who were running around the monster trying to help him find me. One girl was hiding in that area of the bank already, and I asked why the other children were helping it, and she said because if they gave it the children, it would leave them alone -- and there was no way they could escape. So they hunted for it.

I flew out so that they could see me, and they chased me in earnest. They were very angry that I had cost them a child, and they wanted to give me to the monster (who was also very angry with me). Somehow I convinced them that with my help we could defeat the monster, since I could fly, and they huddled in an old brick building with no roof, that the monster couldn't climb over. I don't remember how they got in there, I think I flew them in one by one.

It was night by that time, and I flew and flew, not really knowing where I was going until I arrived at a military base. It was very very guarded, but I slipped in without them spotting me and got a grenade that looked like a football with a tail. They did spy me on my way out though, and shot at me, but I escaped unharmed and flew back to where the children were... and I think I threw the grenade down its throat and woke up not knowing if it was dead, 'cause I was so scared when it roared at me that I woke up.