August 24th, 2005


dream (met a girl going into porn to destroy herself; lady stole my pixie stix but I stole 'em back)

I was in a place kind of like a mall, but all specialty-stores. I met one girl who was running one of these stores; she had a full back tattoo that was very pretty. She showed the tattoo to me and then we went into a room; I followed. She said that she wasn't going to be running the booth because in six months she was going to go into porn. I said, "no," and told her how destructive it was and she was like, "well I don't care if I'm destroyed." Then her ?sister? came in and the first girl was like, "we used to be so close, but then she deserted me. We used to be so close it was like we were married." I said, "so because you guys got divorced, you're depressed and your going into porn to destroy yourself." She shrugged and said, "yeah, pretty much."

Scene changed:

This lady offered to take me to the library because she was going, but when we got there, she ran in and ran back out just as I was getting out of the car to go in, and she was like, "oh no I'm done It's time to go." And I got really angry because I had been promised time to look around, and I was going to look around. If she didn't like it, so what. So I got out and went in the library and looked around. Then I realized that she had stolen all my pixie sticks. So I went and found where she hid them and ate a few. Then she came along and she found them; she was asking who ate them. I said, "well I did because they are mine," and I snatched them out of her hands.