August 28th, 2005


I'm back!

Attlevey, my oomas. After enduring such a drumdik separation from you all, it is insumattly derisann to be back!!! If you have no clue what that means then you need to read the best book ever written, "Biting the Sun" by Tanith Lee. I want a tattoo in honor of that book. I recently re-read it, if you didn't catch that, and I've been slipping into Jang slang, which amuses Ben to no end. Especially the word drumdik, don't ask me why. And farathoom is a delightfully forceful dirty exclamation, yet I can use it around the snarfblatts (which is a word I stole and re-wired to describe the young and old whom you do not curse around).

I was actually quite pouty to come back and see relatively few well-wishing or miss-you comments. :-( Which is why I have been slow to post, and why this post isn't of much consequence. But I missed you, which is what really matters I suppose. And you groshing oomas who did comment made me happy.

Seriously, I thought about several of you quite a lot. The break from LJ made me realize just how important you guys are to me. Why I'm always so damn lazy with comments I don't know. I suppose it's my toskiness coming out. But better I shall be!

And an actual post will follow, hopefully very soon. Right now... I'm tired and disgruntled.