September 2nd, 2005


dream (family reunion in leaky trailer, uncle tries to fondle me but Ben beats him up)

I was at a sort of family-reunion thing in a very large trailer. Ben and I went to our bedroom because it was late but there were only two twin beds so Ben went to bed first and I tucked him in. Then I walked over to my bed, but I noticed that it started leaking right over the foot of Ben's bed so water was actually pouring onto Ben's feet. So I woke him up and the water just kept pouring through and getting worse and worse. We scrambled to get all the stuff that would be harmed by water. I grabbed my camera and stuffed it in my shirt so water wouldn't get to it. I went out to my living room -- water was leaking there too, but not as bad. Two girls were there that I didn't recognize and they were curious about my camera. So even though I had found a ziplock bag to store my camera in, I decided to show them its capabilities instead. So I showed them its music feature where it showed a music video, but the only ones I could get it to play were disturbing. The one song I liked until I started listening to the lyrics and realized how pedophiliac it was. I finally got it to shut off.

I went into the next room with my mom to take a picture out of the window of the rain. As I focused it I realized that there was a setting for boating that made everything look grand and magnificent. So I called my uncle Michael into the room to look at the camera. He came up to me and put his hands on my legs very very close to my crotch but not actually touching. I was in the middle of saying something when he did that, and I stammered and got really confused, 'cause I didn't know how to get out of it. Finally I ducked my hips away quickly so that his hands wouldn't slide over my crotch. A kind of ghostly presence (that may have been Seth) leaned over and whispered to uncle Michael telling him that I had been abused and he shouldn't do that. He laughed and put his hands on my shoulders aggressively. I had enough and I called out for Ben. He came running into the room and without me saying anything he started beating up my uncle. Ben won and my uncle sort of disappeared from the dream. Ben had a few scratches but nothing major, and I was so proud of him for defending me like that.