September 21st, 2005


website / first red bra & fury at VicSecret / phone crap /

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I just bought my first red bra! and officially boycotted 'Victoria's Secret' (read that in a snotty tone) because of their emaciated mannequins. It's not enough that they have mannequins that are far, far thinner than the average woman, no, they have to add protruding bones! BONES on a fucking MANNEQUIN. I was FURIOUS. I looked around for a helpless employee on whom to vent my wrath, but got too fed up and ended up marching out of the store. I went to Fredricks of Hollywood (who have a much wider range of colors anyway, VS only carries my size in black and nude), who will be getting my business from now on. And I plan to bad-mouth VS to anyone who will listen. Fuckers.

Phone is still off, after talking to three different people. I'm (possibly) going into an official store tomorrow. We're definitely switching phone companies, unless they do back flips to make up for all this. Maybe even then. grrr. I was missing aubkabob's voice so much that I listened to her songs a few times. Weird since we've only talked once, but still true.

I have so much I want to post about... I might just break my personal rule and post several in a row. But they won't all be as complainy as this!

And omg, I LOVE this thing that jamina1 introduced me to -- It shows everything you listen to on the computer and keeps stats! So very cool! I'm excited.