November 4th, 2005


Voice Post: my voice, hannah, belgium

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“Hey everybody!

Lil_e_beth has been making voice posts, which made me curious about the whole thing, so I looked into it and found out that I can make up to 15 posts a month and I've never even tried it! Sooo I'm trying it... and I might make this a habit, or I might never do it again, but anyway you guys get to hear what I sound like.

I'm actually kinda nervous because I never like hearing my voice recorded -- even though I do like it otherwise. I like my singing voice and I like hearing my spoken voice, as long as it's not recorded... and um -- I'm going to do voices! Okay:

This is my bored voice.
This is my hyper voice!
This is my sexy voice.
and my sad voice...

I'm sad because I miss Hannah like crazy! I've been making her icons, but it's not the same as reading her posts. And I want to go ahead and ask Polly about the time off to go to Belgium, but I'm so afraid she'll say it's not possible and then I would be crushed. So I keep putting it off like the procrastinator I am!

*sigh* Anyways, I think I'm gonna call this done... and next time (if I ever do this again) I'll probably actually have some content!”

Transcribed by: belenen