September 21st, 2006

lodestar -- angelina jolie

dream (I meet Angelina at work and we leave to spend time together)

I had SUCH a wonderful dream last night -- okay, yesterday evening. I sleep during the day when I can get away with it.

I was at work, on break, and I saw Angelina standing around waiting for something in front of the bank (which was closed). So I went up to her and told her that I thought she was wonderful and I gave her a note, and then I walked away and almost cried, because there she was! and I couldn't connect with her. Then I decided that it was worth the risk, and I went up to her all emotional and told her how I was feeling, how I was so astonished that she would just happen to be there when I was and that I couldn't stand to miss the opportunity, but I know she is always busy and wouldn't have time for me, I just wanted to express myself for the sake of openness. And she didn't say a word to me, just looked me in the eye as I was talking and when I finished she walked away -- to the CSMs where she convinced them to let me take the rest of the evening off! Then she took me in her car with her crazy burly fun driver (who did a u-turn in the median!) and we went to my flat so I could change out of work clothes so that we could go out, but she ended up changing too, into colorful clothes OMG (she's notorious for only wearing black/grey/beige/duuuuuuuullll colors). I gave her some letters that I had written to her but not sent, and she was touched, and then I asked if she ever got the necklace I sent her and she said, "That was you?" and thanked me for it and said the letter had meant a lot to her.

Unfortunately I woke up shortly after that and it all got blurred, but I remember having wonderful conversation and feeling so awed and blessed that she would take the time to spend an evening with me. I woke up and almost cried with joy! even though it was a dream, I didn't feel disappointed -- it felt real. I still feel blessed. Thank you for visiting me in my dreams, Angelina. ♥