November 10th, 2007

kanika kitty

Kanika: haughty genius / video & photos

I've been friends with quite a few cats over my life -- Kanika is in a class all to herself. She's definitely the least affectionate cat I've ever met. Every single time you go to pet her, she has to sniff out your intentions first. Those few occasions when she doesn't immediately run off, she only tolerates one or two strokes before she threatens to bite you -- and you BETTER pay attention. She only rubs against you when she wants something, and if you make the mistake of thinking she's being cuddly, she looks at you as if you are unbearably stupid and resists your advances. Very rarely she will be in a lovey mood and come sit with me (in between the keyboard and me, of course) and THEN if I try to put her down she will bite me! crazy cat. She does seem to react with concern and cuddles when I'm really upset, but it only lasts about a minute, heh.

BUT she's also the most clever animal I've ever known. We lock her in the bathroom when she's being annoying, so she figured out how to unlatch the door and get out! Nowadays we have to put a brick in front of it if we want to keep her in more than a minute (she can still get out but it takes longer). She knows it is okay to use claws with Ben, so she does, but she never, ever uses them on me. If her litter box is dirty, she will get my attention by tearing around maniacally, and then darting for the box as soon as I look at her. (I'm always impressed that she's so good at communicating with me, so it always works) She plays tag (which I've never known any other animal to play, and she even taps you!) and fetch (much better than any dog I've known, since she will FIND it if it disappears from her line of sight), and with Ben she 'plays' attack. She also plays her own version of soccer by herself which is SO cute -- she bats the ball from paw to paw, tosses it in the air, and dumps it in the 'goal' (which is usually Ben's shoes).

Her favorite toy EVER is this fluffy sparkly pink puffball, which I find hilariously ironic because her personality is such a hardass. She doesn't seem to see the irony though, heh. She loves to play fetch with it and often drops it on the desk when I'm on the computer -- if I don't throw it she will toss it right on the keyboard or bump it against my mouse hand. So I fling it over my shoulder to get it out of the way and she goes tearing after it with this adorably excited chirrup.

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also, go link me to your wishlist if you haven't already! I mean it! I'll throw 'Nika on you if you don't! (if you don't have one at least tell me a few things that would be on it if you did)