November 14th, 2007


useless post: lj idol chatter, sicky computer complaints, and jewelry/photo blathering

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I took a billion photos of those earrings that took my blood, sweat, and tears (quite literally, as I accidentally stabbed myself with wire while making them), but I'm waiting to upload them because I'm paranoid about my camera somehow getting infected. (I'm gonna get a card reader anyway because the leads take forever) I really love the earrings though, and they have a spiritual significance to me that I have yet to figure out. Something about the sacrifice (3 hours of work and 24 hours of numbness/pain/tingling) put into them gave them extra meaning. Also, the fact that they drew blood (which has only happened maybe twice in my 5+ years of beadweaving) and are blood-red with drops on the ends seems... oddly fitting.

dreams (I own an airship / I kiss a guy with the perfect lips / wasps land on me & turn to spiders)

I've had AMAZINGLY intricate dreams lately.

I was at a giant house with a bunch of kids (I was younger, maybe 11) including my brother and Sam (one of Ben's brothers). My brother was tormenting me so I went to hide in a strange little room, high upstairs (possibly the attic?) and I was alone for a while until Sam came along and started annoying me also! I closed the curtains of the windows to the hallway, and he responded by unlatching the room from the house. At first I was a little scared, but then I realized I was on the deck of an airship. It was just plain wooden boards underfoot, a wood banister all the way around, and a wheel that floated above the floor without any regard for gravity. The only other thing in sight was the servant-of-all-work, who told me that the airship chose its own captain and would obey no other. It sent the wheel to me, so I took it and began traveling around -- zooming over land and skimming rivers. As it was closing in on night, I pulled in to a hotel (!!) and hooked up my ship. (at this point I panned out a bit and saw that the airship looked like a regular house with a flat deck on top instead of a roof, and a slightly tilted bottom) The steward took me downstairs (despite the featureless deck?) and I was happy to discover that I had heaps of gold coins everywhere. Suddenly I realized this was a pirate ship, and that I would have to figure out some other way of getting money to run it because I wasn't going to steal. I had the idea of being a messenger/transporter/buyer for the ridiculously rich, and sent my steward to invite the local princess and her entourage for dinner. He came back with a cook and two FLUFFY kittens, and at first I was like, eh, I like non-fluffy cats, but I couldn't send them away so I kept them anyway (the airship conveniently had a small room just for them!). Shortly after that, the princess arrived, and we all sat down to a super fancy dinner (including the cook and steward because I'm no snob!). Then I woke up!


I was walking through a forest in gorgeously sunny weather (definitely in GA) and came upon this guy with absolutely perfect lips. I stared for a moment, utterly entranced, and then asked if I could kiss him. He looked at me a little oddly and asked why, and I laughed and said "because I want to!" He said okay, so I kissed him -- it went on forever and was a deliriously beautiful experience. I felt everything at once -- the intimacy of his mouth, the sweetness of sharing something so lovely, the warmth of the sun in the air and the earth, the friendliness and protection of the trees. I felt so much love and perfection in that moment. And even though I didn't recognize this guy, I felt like we had a history, had incredibly passionate, genuine love for each other.

Then the scene switched and I was in a cave, trying to find the guy. I finally did and was surprised that he didn't look how I remembered him -- I hadn't paid any attention to anything except his lips, so I don't know why I thought he looked different when I hadn't noticed his looks before, but he was definitely darker-skinned and possibly shorter, with different facial features. I wanted to kiss him again but these enemies arrived and put him in chains, and a dragon/magician turned me into a mermaid so that we couldn't be together (in that dreamworld humans and merpeople did not have compatible genitalia). I fell into a pool in the cave and watched as they took him away.

The scene switched again and I was human, mediating a dispute among neighboring countries. They were fighting over who could use the road that divided them, so I instructed them to set up small walls along each side of the road, and people could only use the road for traveling (not for living on?) -- to measure this, they had to be on a horse or in a carriage. Then I supervised as they began work, and some of my friends were there helping to build the road barriers. I can't remember exactly who, but I know there was a guy, a girl, and delicatexflower, and I think Ben was also there. I told them about the guy with the amazing lips and mentioned that I thought it was odd that it was a guy and not a girl, 'cause I didn't expect to fall for any guy other than Ben. (they kinda listened and nodded without really saying anything) Then I noticed several holes in the stone we were working on, and wasps swarmed out of the hole and landed all over me. I froze, hoping they wouldn't sting me, and floated in the air so as not to crush any and invoke their wrath. delicatexflower started picking them off, and I was afraid they'd sting her but then she told me that they weren't wasps at all -- they were spiders. I didn't believe her because I could feel their rotten little feet and threatening wings on me, but then she showed me one. She was pulling them off of me by grabbing their trail of thread and pulling it. They were actually pretty (black and red, but not black widows, with non-spindly, non-bulbous, non-hairy bodies), but they were layered between my clothes and skin so I just held still and let her get them off of me. I did take off the few I could see.