January 9th, 2008


meme: 6 word memoir

got this from roina_arwen (thanks!):

SMITH Magazine is collecting Six Word Memoirs and will be publishing a book of them in February. "Since SMITH celebrates the personal side of storytelling, our twist on this classic concept is the six-word memoir -- the short, short true story of your life. It could be the title of your autobiography, or maybe your epitaph. Shorter than haiku and meatier that a one-liner, it truly makes you take stock of who you are. Try it."

"love all, share truth openly; flourish."

tell me your life story in 6 words

poll: what and how often should I post & my LJ is ___, your LJ is ___.

Belenen's LJ is:

Your journal is:

because everyone wants ticky boxes and I am making the other one radio buttons:

more photos of me and my life, jewelry, etc
more emotional posts
more everyday chronicling
more philosophizing
more rants
more polls/interactive memes
more music sharing/ good news linkage
more ________ (explain in a comment)

Bel should post

more than once a day
once a day
every other day
twice a week
once a week

EDIT: c'mon guys, give yourselves a little more credit! Your LJs obviously have something fantastic about them, because IIIIIII read them and I have excellent taste! ;-)

dreams (I meet Nea in south GA, go skinnydipping w her friends / I talk to Hannah about DID, help)

I went to south GA, where I spent my early childhood, and met Nea! We went exploring in the woods (bridges through swampy areas, dark like old forests are) and came upon a semi-deserted strip mall. As we walked down the street I noticed a flyer saying Missy Higgins was coming to town in about two weeks, and we excitedly discussed the possibility of Nea coming back to town for the concert (I think I was offering to pay, or knew of a way it wouldn't be too expensive). We moved on from the teeeeeeeeeeeeny town and came upon a lake/pond where about 20 of Nea's friends were (!?!). We all got in the water, me naked of course -- cops came around but I managed to escape notice by putting my arms on top of my (cartoonishly) buoyant breasts and submerging myself. Then the cops left and we all got out of the water and lounged on the bank in a large circle, talking. One of her friends joked about the difference between male and female (something not-body-related), which pissed me off since I don't believe in that shit, but I kept my mouth shut. THEN he made some 'joke' about having sex with her, and I turned to her and said, "You better kick his ass! ... unless he was talking to someone else," because I realized he didn't specify who he was talking to and there were two other girls sitting next to Nea. (this whole dream happened at night, but it must have been a full moon because it was easy to see)

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