February 17th, 2008


Art Sharing #8: Simon Dale & family (sculpture)

Simon Dale & family

I missed last week (did you notice?) but am making up for it with an extra-inspirational art sharing this week; a living sculpture, a true home. This small family took organic, natural materials and put them together with deep respect for the earth, resulting in an unimaginably beautiful dwelling place. Seeing the natural shapes of the wood put to use (rather than chopped and shaved into sameness) fills me with delight! Everything about it -- the sod-covered roof, natural-shaped windows, loft area, reciprocal frame roof, skylight -- makes my heart sing. ♥ And I am grateful to them for being so mindful of resources and using scrap wood and glass that would otherwise have been discarded. I'm really awed.

Seeing these photos moved me so deeply that I have made a goal to have land of my own and build an organic home (I hated the idea of buying a house and being tied down, and I knew that my old dream of a giant custom house was really beyond my reach). Ben is both relieved (that I seem to be willing to settle and make the financially wise choice of owning) and doubtful (that such a dwelling would be sound and strong). I've even thought about making nice with my male bio-parent and his brother (because they build -- the uncle does it for a living). hmm. Who knows, it's still a ways off, but I could see it happening in another year or two.

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