April 22nd, 2008


who is your tribe?

Who is your tribe? not necessarily the people currently in your life, or the people you are related to, but the ones who have a permanent spot in your heart.

You are all my extended tribe ♥ I really feel everyone on my flist is an important part of my life. (and I am not just saying that, it is SO true!) And within that circle, the ones I feel I share a tent with on the journey of life are: Collapse )

When you tell me yours, please also add a word or two as to who they are (partner, friend, relative).

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music sharing: Dream Art Science, E.S. Posthumus, Dead Can Dance

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Usually I share based on what I've been listening to lately, but this time I am sharing songs that have strong spiritual meaning to me. In this post: Dream Art Science, E.S. Posthumus, and Dead Can Dance. Dream Art Science found me on myspace and invited me to check out their music, and when I did I was utterly swept away. They create spiritual music, based on ancient Egyptian religion and some very unique concepts of their own (that I do not really understand). Their sound really touches me, but even more than that their lyrics stir me. I wish I could explain how MUCH their lyrics speak my own heart, speak my spirituality in many ways. E.S. Posthumus was introduced to me by Cynosis, who sent me one of their songs in a mix which she composed just for me. I loved the whole thing, but the song "Nara" just set me on fire! I shared it with Hannah and Lily, who experienced it in a similar way -- this incredible spiritual experience, like when you hear a new piece of wisdom that resonates deeply in you. I had to buy the album, and the whole thing affected me in nearly the same way! Listening to it is... amazing for me. I've never been so touched by music without lyrics (at least, without English lyrics -- some have lyrics in other languages, which sounds like an integral part of the music to my ear). Dead Can Dance caught my eye at a used CD store -- I took Spiritchaser home and listened to it non-stop for ages, in the car and in the house. It's also mainly lyricless, with singing in glossolalia (what some call speaking-in-tongues). I find that especially beautiful, very expressive, and it feels even more 'true' to my ear than lyrics. The few songs that do have lyrics really inspire me.

Belenen's favorites -- April 2008 mix

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