July 11th, 2008


dreams (epic fae dream - flying, portals, anti-plastic, sex / gross poo dream)

Last night I had this strange and epic dream about faeries, complete with intricate mythology! The two fae (who bore strong resemblance to my plant-fae-sims Kalana and Shayara) and I went about a rescue of a third fae who was enslaved. Ze was trapped even though they have the ability to teleport, because plastic decreases their abilities and there was plastic in the walls/roof of the building. But I had been to the fae-world and so I had some of their powers, and together we were able to break the third one free. Then we had to find a place to sleep to restore our strength before finding a natural lake in which we could create a portal to their world. The portal was created by whirling the water and flying down into the bowl created by the whirlpool, then letting the whirlpool collapse as magic words were said. (how cool is that?)

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questions: deep friends, being in love

recently an LJ friend of mine Collapse )

my definition of a deep friend:
"A deep friend is one who loves who you are, understands who you have been, always seeks to learn more about you, supports you when you're low, and continually encourages you to grow."

and I want to ask:
1) do you have / have you had deep friends? do you value friendships that have a focus of growth (rather than fun)?
2) what does it mean to be "in love"?