September 14th, 2008

bel hearts lil sis

my lil sis' amazing writing on "What Living Means"

I am so freaking proud of my (15-year-old) lil sis!!! Ze is so amazingly brilliant and understanding. How my parents ended up with two iconoclast offspring I will never guess, though I like to think that I encouraged lil sis in that direction. ;-) (Ze does NOT, however, take after me in the spelling and grammar department so I took some punctuation and spelling liberties in my quote *giggles*) No matter how strangely it happened, I am so honored to be related to this wise firebrand of a person. Ze seriously blows me away with how ze sees the world... (bold and italics are the parts that especially resonate with me)

We weren't meant to live our life so that other people can think that we're perfect. I think that sometimes I don't stop and try to have fun because it's just too easy to stay in that place in your life that you can just watch your life go by in front of your eyes and not try to join it and challenge the rules. I think we were meant to try new things and that we were meant to question the things that people just put into our lives Collapse )