November 16th, 2011


TBC 2011

So I flew to Massachusetts as my self-present for my thirteenth spiritual birthday, to go to the Transcending Boundaries conference. It was a ridiculously full experience, and I'm going to try to sketch the frame of what I learned.

I need more activist community. Not want, need. I need to be not just supported but inspired/challenged. I am grateful to have people in my life who listen and think when I talk about oppression, but I need people who seek to learn about those things on their own, and share with me. I know that there is activist community in Atlanta but it seems very insular and I've had a hard time making connections with those people. So I feel a bit lost about how to create this, but I've recognised it as a need and so I am going to make it a priority. I'm going to reach out more -- stop hoping to be included and just shove my little face in, and ask for support when I see a problem that needs addressing -- ask anywhere that might listen, instead of trying to pick the most likely sources. I started today, with a fb group. We'll see.