January 28th, 2014


i hate snow so furiously and today it beat me to bits

well today was fuckin dreadful. I left work at 4pm and drove until 10pm and ended up less than halfway home. I planned on the ice and snow, but not the dreadful traffic. it's like everyone got on the road in a big shit party. I tried to get gas but after 3 empty stations I gave up. Hedwig hates starting cold and hates driving on low gas so I'm hoping a) stations get gas tomorrow and b) I can drive to one. the good news is I didn't have to spend the night in a drug store or something because my ex's ex lives near where I ended up after six fuckin hours and agreed to take me in (then made me a bed and lit a fire and gave me homemade cookies). if I wasn't alone I would feel content probably. as it is I feel lonely and shaken/scared/traumatized by this awful day.

I can't describe the horror I feel being stuck out in the snow and ice. and I desperately want to be 'home' either at mine or topaz'. and I need, need safety and cuddles.