March 4th, 2014


prompt 4: what I hope my life will look like in 10 years: relationships, self, job, location, etc

blimeyzawn1 wasn't about to make it easy on me with today's prompt: What do you hope your life will look like in 10 years (in terms of relationship(s), personal development, job, location, general lifestyle, etc.)? I'm gonna use your categories.


I would like to have continued intimacy practice with whomever is interested for all of those years. (Holy shit. The very first one was January 30, 2012, so we've been doing this for more than two years already. that needs a post in and of itself) I want to have at least one lover, but I don't care what number of people it is as long as I don't feel restricted (I don't need multiple romantic relationships to feel satisfied all the time, but I need the option, because sometimes I do!). I want to have at least 8 local people who read my journal and who I am close with, see at least once a month, stay in contact with through the internet and/or texting, cuddle with sometimes, meet for coffee/food/hangouts sometimes, etc. Ideally I would maintain all the connections I have now and add new ones on top, but I understand that life's flow is unpredictable so I don't count on that. I know I'll still love all these people but I dunno if we'll be in contact or if they'll be in the same location or what. My concept of tribe involves having a close group like that and having them know and care about each other as well. I want to have thriving friendships that are based mainly in LJ, because that is deeply nourishing to me.

personal development:

I want to maintain my livejournal. I want to catch up and maintain a life timeline (my current big creative project). I want to feel continuously creative and I want to have done LOTS of art over those 10 years. I want to have written at least 200 entries a year. I want to have taken at least 500 photos that I'm proud of every year. I want to have inspired people to love themselves, express themselves, educate themselves, create, connect, grow, and feel deeply. I want to have visited every park within a 45 minute radius of my house and found lots of magical places. I want to have had lots of friends come and visit me. I want to have had hundreds of crafty parties and have so many of my own projects showing around my home. I want to have at least 8 of my tattoos on me. I want to have a more vibrant spiritual practice, with ritual factoring into my life in a much more prominent way than it does now. I want to be approximately 5 times as privilege-checked as I am now, and have learned a great deal.


I want to finish college and get a job doing statistics. After I have worked off some debt, maybe grad school followed by being a professor, or maybe I'll do stats for the rest of forever, because I'd likely make more money and I could support the activist work and/or living needs of others. I don't have a clear picture of how much money I could make, just that it will be more than I need to live on. If it turns out to be more than twice what I need to live on, I would probably feel that my time would be better spent making money to support other activists than in quitting stats to make academic activism my day job. (more on this topic when I discuss my attitudes about money in a later prompt)


I hope to have lived in a few different places, a year here and a year there, but I want to be in the Atlanta metro area in 10 years time. If I have enough money, I want to have a wheelchair-accessible house near where Freeflow was because that is my favorite area both people-wise and location-wise -- it's in the middle of all the places I care about. It's not too far from where the Marta buses go so it's okay for people without cars... it's just perfect and I miss that area a lot. If I have lots of money I also want at least a half-acre for backyard farming, oh and while dreaming, a pool. I'd have so many naked pool parties.


I want to have a hybrid or electric vehicle (I think the used ones should be fairly cheap by then? let's hope). I want to have solar power for my house. I want to have a large greenhouse. Other than that I think I'll live pretty much the same. Oh wait, also I would buy REAL FUCKING BOOKSHELVES. I have a motley collection and all my books are stacked vertically and I still don't have enough space. I'd buy more books too. That would be my luxury spending for sure. Also craft supplies! I would have every tool imaginable so people could come and use them and make ANYTHING. Ideally, if I could afford it, the entire lowest level of my house would be craft space and a library and I would let people come over anytime to craft or read as long as they didn't interact with me without planning it first. I'd give keys to anyone I trusted for this purpose. Technically I sorta have this now but I live too far out for it to be practical. I'd like to live alone but a close second is to live with people I love and trust who give me lots of space. I want very much to have extra space that I can lend to people who need it (I have that now but it's still too far out to be practical), and maybe even a car I can lend to people who need it (maybe my current car will still be running fine?).