November 25th, 2015


psa: flist pruning

icon: "garrulous(a photo of my lips with the skin greyed out and the lips overlaid with a green and blue fractal pattern)"

I just cleared out my friends list of people who I hadn't interacted with significantly in at least half a year, including some read-only journals. I had never taken inactive journals off if I wanted them to read my stuff, but I decided I'd rather know who is actually here. If you still use your LJ to read and want me to re-add you, let me know. Otherwise, if you feel a desire to maintain contact elsewhere, I'm cool with being friends on FB (

also, I keep meaning to respond to that question -- do I like responses even when I don't reply: YES. I love reading people's responses. Especially if they contain emotion words or a description of thought process. I always intend to respond, but it often gets away from me. It is always appreciated though! never fear annoying me with too many comments -- it really won't happen.