February 1st, 2016


dreams (drowning a rapist / ignored at my b-day / dinosaurs kill the noisy people / rescued kanika)

icon: "dreamy (a painting by pupasoul of a human figure in a cage, holding a hand out from which radiates light and squiggly sparkly vines of energy)"

Here are some old dreams that never got posted:

May 14, 2015:
hannah-my-hannah came to visit me and we were at a mossy creek taking photos. such magic.

June 10, 2015: drowned a rapist but they wouldn't die

I drowned a rapist. I bashed their head against concrete and then pushed their face underwater over & over on the pool steps. This was in full view of at least 5 people. I didn't actually kill the rapist though, just sort of tortured them (not for lack of trying but every time i checked, they were still alive). I flew away when authorities came to stop me. This is why it's important that i know what is reality and what is dreamworld! Killing off a piece of your psyche is not the same as actually killing someone.

June 12, 2015:
Dreamed that it was my birthday and everyone came but then ignored me and talked only to each other.

July 5, 2015: dinosaurs killing noisy people
Dreamed that dinosaurs took over the world and killed anyone who spoke louder than a whisper, wore cloppety shoes, or made other noise....i did get frustrated w people for not being quiet. (Being loud was like a smell that stuck to you, and they could hunt you down for a little while after) At one point i had a magician w me who sealed a door so that it looked like a wall. I was not afraid of the dinosaurs, just wary.

July 14, 2015:
dreamed I was in a giant second-hand shop w a copperhead whose mouth opened up to the size of 2 dinner plates. had to find & rescue Kanika.

September 1, 2015: dinosaurs w glowing heads, colors witch, other magic, then Aurilion shows up at my trauma graduation

Dream: sentient mobile aloe plants, dinosaurs w glowing heads, satyr w agate heart, a colors witch, caretaking 27 kids in old train station... The dinosaurs had transparent skin in rainbow colors and had a glowing spot that started at their forehead and went back over their skull, and it shone through their skin. The satyr pulled out their agate heart and let me look at it, and it was so beautiful I couldn't stop staring. The children were also cats. The colors witch had skin that cycled through colors of the rainbow, and they cane in and unrolled a 5' by 5' canvas on which were square symbolic paintings that predicted the future. Also the sentient mobile aloe plants were super cute and moved like slugs/snails.

Also later in the dream there was a ceremony about my previous trauma held in a meeting hall with silken purple banners. The implication was that i was being celebrated for getting through. At the end, Aurilion showed up and I felt a bit creeped out because I hadn't shared the location publicly and hadn't invited them. I didn't talk to them, but let others as I went around cleaning up and taking down my banners.