June 2nd, 2016


polls: audio recordings of my posts? / opt-out for sex talk filter

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Sometimes I read my posts out loud to Topaz while they're cooking or otherwise have hands and eyes occupied, and lately I was thinking about recording them for broader use. I'd like some feedback on the idea -- no one but me can see what you answered! I'm screening comments in case you want to give a private response but will unscreen unless you request otherwise.

How would you feel about my posts including an audio recording of me reading them aloud?

completely indifferent - I wouldn't play them, don't care
mildly curious - I might play them once or twice, but it's not likely to have a significant effect on me
pleased - I'd save them to listen to if I don't have time/space to read, or would enjoy them for another reason
put off - that sounds objectionable (reason in comments if you're willing)
other (comment with explanation if you're willing)

Oh, and I realized that those new to my LJ might like some context for the people in my life, so here is my most recent version of the characters in the story of my life. It does need updating, but it mostly has the people I reference often.

Oh! and I automatically add people to my sex talk filter. It's the only content filter I use, and I don't use it often but if I am talking about sexual experiences I friends-lock them if the person/people I am having sex with prefer it that way (as is usually the case). Here is your chance to opt-out:

wanna be on the filter?

don't care