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ANIKA is going to BE HERE!!!!!!

OMFG. I'm meeting ANIKA aka eternitywaiting in less than 40 hours! This is my first time meeting an lj-first friend. ;-) I'm so excited! And nervous. And it feels a little like I'm meeting a celebrity, you know, because I read all about her life without knowing her face-to-face. oooooh *quivers with excitement*

Anika and Ashley, would you prefer that I come over after work tomorrow (sometime after 6pm and before midnight, depending on when they let me go), to squeal and glee overnight, or would you prefer for me to come over on Friday after 4pm? Either way I'll have to go home Friday night no later than 1am, 'cause on Saturday I have counseling, bellydancing, home group, and church! So I'll need some sleep. I think that you guys probably want some time alone? Whatever you decide is fine with me. My preference would be to come over after work on Thursday, but like I said I'm okay either way.

Which reminds me, I have a question for all of you -- have you ever been recognized from your journal? Like, someone sees you at the store and says your username?
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