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7 top songs of the moment meme

I don't remember who all tagged me (though I think aubkabob and kevloid did), but I'm going to imitate a meme:

List 7 songs that you're really digging right now -- not your favorites of all time, but your favorites of the moment. and tag 7 friends to do the same.

1. "Six-Seven Times" by Flunk. I love the bass in that song, I love her voice, I love the lyrics and how they flow with and against the music... And such a sexy rhythm... mmmmm...
2. "Vinegar & Salt" by Hooverphonic. I'm not sure why really, I'm just addicted to it. And you know it has to be pretty awesome if I love it despite the fact that it contains the line "sometimes it's better to lie." OMG I love that song. I've listened to it a ridiculous amount of times.
3. "On My Balcony" by Flunk. Mainly because it reminds me of what shioneh said about her balcony, and I feel like singing it somehow changes that -- I know, it makes no sense. But I've been thinking about mailing her that song, it's so full of hope and beauty.
4. "Hide You" by Kosheen. I love the beat, her voice (very similar to mine), the lyrics to the song! "I'll hide you away from the world you rejected..."
5. "Face In A Crowd" by Kosheen. I love the concept of the song, and as with all other Kosheen songs, the music is flawless and fascinating. And the lyrics are incredible.
6. "(Not The Average Girl From Your) Video" by India Arie. I LOVE the body positivity of this song, and the beat -- it makes me dance every time I hear it, and I usually sing along.
7. "Rainy Season" by Vacant Stairs (featuring my aubkabob!). I really relate to the song (I sing it all the time now) and I love listening to Aubrey's voice. She's incredible!

I'm tagging...
bluebl00d (thank you SO MUCH for all the awesome new music!), shioneh, scream_baby, evileve, wandrlost, synisterchyck, & valynn
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