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ANIKA'S VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I know you're all dying to read how the visit went! And this is gonna be long and I'm not going to cut it!

I asked my managers to let me go early, and they wonderfully did -- and I promptly went to Rebecca's house to borrow money from her. I was waffling on that at first, but I figured that I'd cheerfully do it for her, so I did it. (it's no fun going places when you have absolutely no money to spend) So then I headed over to alariya's house (she had called me at work to make sure that I was coming over that night) -- got there, walked in the door, and there was Anika! sitting on the floor getting a shoulder massage from 'Riya. I started unloading my stuff and she demanded that I get my ass over there and hug her -- the lazybutt didn't even get up! I laughed and went to hug her.

She's so little and cute! I could just fit her right in my little pocket! We started talking about everything and nothing, and eventually alariya's friend Cherise showed up, and we chattered with her too... poor 'Riya is a morning person, and she started drifting off despite her desire to 'not miss anything' (it probably didn't help that I was rubbing her back and that she had exhausted herself walking all over the airport on her broken foot) -- so she went to bed at about midnight. Cherise left at two (yes, we were talking all that time!) and Anika and I finally went to bed -- but not to sleep, oh no. We stayed up talking until probably seven (night people rule the world!) -- about our marriages mostly. We're both at roughly the two-year mark, and we have so many similarities in our lives. And I slept in my usual pj's -- that is, none -- and Anika and I shared a blanket on 'Riya's tiny twin bed. I love that she was comfortable with that -- I haven't been able to relax around someone to that point since Kaylene was in my life. Nudity is the true test of friendship, I think. ('Riya's comfortable with my rampant nakedness too)

At about noon we got up and alariya made us delicious sausage-cheese biscuits -- which we washed down with beer, heh. alariya decided to drink this horribly nasty horse-piss beer (which she had bought to cook with) while Anika and I made faces. After a few sips she decided that maybe it was too nasty for her after all, so she decided to make it taste better -- and poured chocolate syrup into it!!! It immediately fizzed up and got all over the place despite her plonking her mouth over it (that response earned her some teasing from us), but she persisted; she put the top back on, shook it, and tapped the top to calm the fizz, then tried drinking it. We watched expectantly, and even though she really did try to like it, she finally just handed me the bottle to pour down the sink -- it looked even worse than it tasted, I think. She was so stricken to find something that chocolate cannot improve!

Then Anika and I watched some of that dumb 'Family Guy' movie (I admit it was kinda funny, but I see enough dysfunctional families in real life, thanks) while alariya read, in an attempt to adjust to the idea that we were starting our day at 2pm. Rebecca came over and met Anika, and since 'Riya's foot was hurting, she and Anika and I soaked our feet in the tub while Rebecca sat next to us. A & A mocked me 'cause apparently my feet are very sensitive to heat. What's wrong with that, I'd like to know.

Then we piled into Rebecca's car and she drove us over to my favorite mexican place, where we had a fabulous dinner and then drove right back to 'Riya's house 'cause Rebecca had to leave. We switched to 'Riya's car, drove to my house to drop off my leftovers and let Anika meet Ben and Kanika. Kanika was fascinated with Anika and would not stop sniffing her! We think it may have had to do with the fact that she owns nine cats, and some of their scent is bound to be on her clothes/purse. But she also just plain liked Anika, which proves both that Anika is awesome and that my cat is smart.

Then we went off to Galaxy 'cause 'Riya wanted to buy Anika a sex toy or two (very unique in expressing her love, alariya is) -- and got carded, of course. Anika found something that appealed to her (even though it was green and she wanted purple), and after a lot of browsing and vacillating, I found cinnamon-flavored lubricant! I certainly couldn't pass that up, I love cinnamon (and it's actually yummy!).

Next stop was the local coffeehouse, where we sat on the green couch (that I love more and more all the time) with me in the middle. Anika draped her legs over mine and 'Riya massaged her feet while we talked about spirituality, our experiences and beliefs and ideas. (I have never had a dull moment sitting on that couch. I really hope that whenever the coffeehouse replaces it, I can buy it or steal it, whatever, I love it so much)

Finally the coffeehouse was closing, and I quickly bought a coffee for Ben like I promised -- then they sent 'the lackey' out to get the car for the cripple and the lazybutt. heh. We drove back to my house, stealing sips of Ben's coffee -- he wasn't there when we arrived, but he left a note on the floor saying that he'd be right back, so I disappointed the girls by not splitting the drink between us. Sure enough, he showed up in a minute, and I gave him the coffee -- and he repaid us by taking off his glasses and letting down his hair to show Anika how fucking hot my man is!

Off we drove to the Wal-mart where I work to browse. 'Riya insisted on having a push wheelchair, which I pushed, and then just to make sure that I was getting enough of a workout, Anika sat on her lap. We had a blast wheeling around -- and some guy took a photo of us! wtf, mate? (you know he went home and posted it on his LJ) I saw this vivid violet smushy pillow and got so excited, and the girls insisted on getting it for me -- and Anika found a sherbert orange one just like it, which 'Riya got for her. We'd have gotten one for 'Riya, but they didn't have her colors.

Anika wanted to go look at the costumes, so we did -- and 'Riya had a FAB-u-LOUS idea. They had wings and gloves in purple, red, and black -- so they bought a set for each of us, myself in purple, Anika in red, and 'Riya in black -- and then we got matching lacy undies. All to do an impromptu photoshoot in honor of shioneh! We hurried back to get the camera and ask Ben if he was okay with it, and he was, but only if he was the photographer. This caused some tension, 'cause alariya had already asked her fiance and was really disappointed that he decided not to come over at all... I kept asking her if she was okay, and she kept saying yes, but I felt serious tension from her and I got very anxious. We had to stop by the Wal-mart next to her house to get batteries, and Anika went in with me. She put her arm around my waist as we walked in, which had a very calming effect on me, and by the time we bought them and came back out, I had decided to take 'Riya at her word -- if she said she was fine then she was fine.

We got back to her house and started putting on makeup and getting ready, getting all excited -- I don't know how long it took us, but Ben was glad that he brought his book. Finally we started shooting, and it was just so fabulous -- I had forgotten my usb cord but 'Riya happened to have one so we shot and downloaded, shot and downloaded, and got some awesome shots. My only regret is that I didn't get more of Anika -- we took the individual ones of her right at the beginning before I realized that we could take more than 11 photos. But we got some awesome shots nevertheless, and after I send some of the edited photos to Anika and 'Riya, you can count on a photopost in curvygirls, at least.

It was 4:40am before we left, poor Ben was falling asleep... and I was obviously pretty out of it because had I been more aware I'd have said a more lingering goodbye! I didn't hug Anika nearly enough to last me until I see her again!

Feelings on the visit will have to wait -- getting down the happenings of those WONDERFUL hours is enough for now. And I must also post about the fantastic, amazing ideas the three of us had for a curvygirls zine!
Tags: art -- photography, ashe, sunny, the green couch

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