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Anika's visit -- feelings and reflections

exploring actual feelings from the fabulous mini-vacation I just had...

I did not expect it to be nearly so wonderful -- I thought it'd be fun, a nice little way to relax, but that was all. Instead, I fell in LOVE with Anika. If you're lj-friends with her, let me just tell you that she is 500 times more fabulous in person. I liked her from her lj-presence (eternitywaiting), but I LOVE her now; she was in one of the outer circles of my heart and now she's firmly planted in the inner circles. (I actually have a diagram of my heart, by the way, with levels and names listed on each level) She's just... amazing.

She has that way of listening where you can almost see her taking in your words and storing them in her mind to consider further. And she's quite opinionated but also open-minded, which doesn't come across so well online. Online you can't tell (as easily) that she's taking in your words and considering them respectfully, while also stating her own opinion. I respect her so much more after seeing that -- it requires a certain level of maturity that isn't that common.

And we have a very similar personality type, it's SO cool 'cause I've never met anyone so close to my own blend. I was exquisitely comfortable with her -- after the first two minutes I wasn't even a little bit nervous! I now am so much more excited about meeting other LJ friends, because it was just so relaxed and wonderful!

You'd think after a visit that was so eventful, I'd be exhausted -- and physically I am, but spiritually and mentally I'm refreshed. Just from that brief 30-hour visit with Anika, I'm more alive, happier. You know that a person is truly extraordinary when their presence affects you in that way. And I'm not just imagining it -- Ben commented on it before I even realized it.

I ADORE Anika and miss her so much now. I wish she had been able to stay longer! If we lived closer we'd be inseparable. Move to Georgia, dammit!
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