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I haven't really gotten it started yet, that's mostly still freewebs hosting, I just mirrored the front page. I have sooooo much work to do transferring... hopefully I can tear myself away from LJ for long enough to really work on it soon. VERY soon. I can't wait to put my photography gallery back up!!! I just don't have enough time! But Polly has agreed to cut down my schedule some. I won't even feel it once I get my fat raise in a month. I ♥ Wal-mart, I really do. For many reasons.

I haven't slept, I might nap for an hour before work but I'll be mostly running on yesterday's sleep... hopefully that will MAKE me crash when I get home, since I have to be up at 7:30am on Saturday for counseling. :-(

I ordered Kosheen's "Resist" and Wild Strawberries "Quiver." bluebl00d, you have NO IDEA how much I adore you for introducing me to those awesome groups (and all the others!). In return I introduce you to an American acid jazz/ electronic group, Beauty's Confusion -- they have five free songs you can download, I KNOW you'll love them. ;-) If you don't already know them, that is, Miss Music Guru!

shioneh, do you think your parents would let me stay for a week or two? If so, I'm going to start saving money to hopefully come visit you in August. It's going to be EX-PEN-SIVE, but you are worth it. SO worth it.

And you know what's awesome? Lunascape, Hooverphonic and Airlock are three of my favored bands, and they're from Belgium! So cool!
Tags: coding, linkage, lj friends, music

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