Belenen (belenen) wrote,

11 things that make me very happy meme

(stolen from shioneh)

11 things that make me very happy

1.) Letters in the mail!!! THANK YOU aubkabob I GOT YOUR LETTER I LOVE YOU!!!!!! ;-D I also got your postcard eternitywaiting, I laughed muchly at your cuteness. ;-)
2.) Long deep talks with fascinating people.
3.) Kanika's rare cuddly moods.
4.) Spending naked time with friends. There's something so free about being naked... And of course that only happens when the friend in question is comfortable with mutual nudity, so this includes love of those friends.
5.) curvygirls!!!
6.) growing bolder and more confident and secure day by day.
7.) long thoughtful comments.
8.) reading my flist and seeing my lj name. I'm a sucker for shout-outs, okay? But only if they have a point. Like if you got my postcard!!! ;-)
9.) Ben's incredible strength and generosity.
10.) new awesome music!!!!!!
11.) coffee!!!

And I tag acid_burns, untoldeuphemism, vineofcrescendo, phrankenstyne, and twisteddaydream!!!
Tags: lj friends, meme

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