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driving rant!

Okay, you'd think that with the gas prices people would drive a little more sensibly. But no, they're still speeding needlessly, zooming up to stoplights and then slamming on their brakes, and failing to use their blinkers BEFORE SLOWING TO MAKE A TURN (not that I thought that would change, but I had to mention it because it's my primary pet peeve).

Seriously, why do people do that? Zoom up to stoplights, I mean? It's not going to magically change because you get there fast, and the cars in front of you certainly aren't going to disappear. All you are doing is wasting gas and wearing out your brakes. I love to laugh at people who zoom up to a stoplight and are still sitting there when I pull up casually beside them. Where did that get you, exactly? oh, oh, NOWHERE! You'd think they'd learn, but no, they do it again the instant the light turns green. I'm glad to know that they're suffering for their ridiculousness, in having to buy more gas than I do and in being frustrated the entire time they're driving.

Also -- that scooting-forward thing? WTF is the point? Oh, I MUST scoot forward two feet because the person in front of me did it! That'll get us all where we're going faster!

And speeding on the highway I can totally understand. It's fun. But when I'm driving 5 miles over the limit in the SLOW LANE, get out of my fucking tailpipe and go the hell around! I will flash my brakes, and if that doesn't work, I'll slow down as much as necessary to MAKE you go around. I am perfectly willing to go 40mph just to piss you off, especially if it's night and you're blinding me.

One last thing -- for the love of everything, please remember -- blinker before brakes!!! And let's not even talk about not using the blinker at all. I will NOT let you in, I don't care if I have to come within an inch of your car. Be polite and use the blinker, I'll be polite and do my best to help you. Okay? okay.
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