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postcard meme / card from Karen / card from Kat / poetry

I am really getting back into snailmail. ohsaycanyousay, you are TEH AWESOME for creating that postcard meme! I've been to the post office at least three times in the past two weeks. Pretty soon they're gonna know my name!

I got two cards!!! One from lorelei_sakti, featuring a beautiful photo that will work really well in my collage, and one from maladroitkat containing not one but TWO postcards!!! (of course I'm going to use the one with purple flowers in the foreground)

Karen, thank you very much for the compliments, especially the 'poetic' comment. It touched me and made me realize that I have forsaken the poet I used to be... partly due to an experience with a violent 'poetry slam' community, and partly due to losing touch with the poetry forum I used to frequent. My favorite poets drifted away, and then my love for LJ eclipsed all other internet communication... so I had no feedback, plus negative (and ridiculously arrogant) 'critique' which for whatever reason caused me to look at my own poetry with a disdainful eye. Anyway, I loved that you said that you found my posts to be poetic, because that encouraged a part of me that has lain in neglect and disgrace for some time. Thank you.

Kat, your handwriting is like none I've ever seen! So incredibly neat and spare. I was kinda weirded out by it at first and couldn't read it! Prob'ly 'cause I'm so used to my own slapdash handwriting. (my apologies to anyone who couldn't read their postcard, by the way) I'm glad you want to get to know me better; I assure you, the feeling is quite mutual. You're just one of those people that I get a clear spiritual image of -- despite the fact that you aren't as soul-baring as some, I feel like I know you fairly well. I can just connect with you, I suppose. And the stickers were quite cute -- no, I don't celebrate Halloween, but I'm not really anti-halloween either, and who could say something other than awww at little mice and bears dressed up? By the way, I really want to talk to you on the phone sometime.

Many thanks to both of you for going to all that trouble for me! ♥

Danielle, I looooooooooooooved your adorable voicemail message! Of course I want to talk to you, sillyhead. But it has to be after 9 or on weekends, and I've been busy with various stuff until late. I will call you back though! Please don't feel ignored. ;-)
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