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trip to Belgium, Hannah's Christmas present, uncle Bob

I asked Polly about the time off in March/April -- and she said that wouldn't be a problem! She said to put in the request in January, after the holiday rush. So that's one obstacle out of the way! Now all we have to do is get a credit card, save up as much as possible so we don't have to pay the whole ticket with the card, find the best price for a round-trip ticket, and buy the ticket!

I've been praying for guidance about this, and have enlisted friends and my home group to pray about it, so I'm going to just keep on going until God either stops me or makes it really obvious that he doesn't want me to go. But I'm starting to get the feeling that he wants me to go.

I also thought up the PERFECT Christmas present for shioneh, and bought some of the supplies for it... oh it's an awesome thing, part bought, part made, and part something else. And nobody will ever guess it in a million years!

I'm so excited about tomorrow, 'cause I'm sure the letter got to Hannah's house by now and is waiting for her to come home to it! Well, it's more of a note really, just a spur-of-the-moment thing, but I think it will make her happy. ;-)

Also, in finding the best ticket price, I think I'll have to call up my uncle, storeyphoto. He's the only family member who reads my journal (except Ben) -- which means a lot to me because I feel that if someone is truly interested in me, they will be interested in my journal. (also, he's the only one I liked and trusted enough to invite to read it) He's just an awesome person in general, with a lot of knowledge about -- well, most everything. I'd stay in much closer contact, but I don't get along that well with my aunt (who is actually my blood-kin), and you can't have one without the other... eh, I need to work on being more confident when it comes to her. Anyway, he should be able to guide me in finding the best rate and all that. ;-)
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