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anticipation vs.surprise? poll -- refined!

Okay, half of you cheated last time I did this and took the easy way out, so this time I'm only giving you two options and you shall have to pick the one you like better!

To clarify the question I'll tell you about me:

I'm such an anticipation person. I love to daydream beforehand. I'd FAR rather buy tickets for a concert three months in advance and salivate over them for that length of time than have someone give them to me as a surprise the day before. I'd still be excited, but I'd have missed all that delightful anticipation. You'd think I wouldn't be that way, as impatient as I am, but eh, I'm a walking contradiction! I do like mystery though. I don't like to know specifics, so in that sense I'm a surprise person. For instance, if you were throwing a party for me I'd want to know that you were throwing it, but I wouldn't like to know what exactly you had planned.

Or if you were sending me mail I'd like to know that you were sending it, but not what it was!

if something good comes your way (like a present or a party in your honor), do you prefer:

to know about & anticipate it
to not know about it & be surprised
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