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the spirituality of laughter

So much is going on inside me these days... It's frustrating, it all fights for release at once. And I'm so freaking busy, ugh. Enough of that!

There is a woman at my work who laughs all the time, and I LOVE it! When I hear her laugh, I feel like she just gave me a delightful present, and it ALWAYS makes me smile, no matter how tired or irritated I am, and when I'm feeling good, it makes me laugh too, even though I have no clue why she's laughing. It's just so joyous, and I feel it so deeply! And she's pregnant right now -- every time she laughs I think, what a lucky baby! He's going to come into this world feeling like it's wonderful! Today she came up to me and told me that he was moving around and invited me to put my hand on her belly, so I did -- what a wonderful feeling. And he kicked! She said that I'm the only one he's kicked for. ;-D

I can't see spirits, but I feel very strongly that when people laugh -- a real laugh with joy in it -- their spirit echoes, sending off waves of positivity marked with their own spirit stamp. I think that is what I am feeling when JoAnn laughs. I also think that when people laugh derisively, it sends off waves of negativity -- I find it very hard to laugh at someone else's expense now, because I feel that so strongly.

For that reason, my laugh is sacred to me. Once a boy I knew mocked it, and I hated him for years -- literally hated him. I felt like he had spat upon my spirit. I've forgiven him now, but I think I would still find it very hard to get over if someone did that to me nowadays.

I think it is very true that laughter does the heart good like a medicine -- not only the physical heart, but the spiritual heart as well. Joyful laughter has much more power than we give it credit for, I think.
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