Belenen (belenen) wrote,

christmas presents!

I'm weird about presents. I don't give them just based on how much I care about a person -- I give them based 40% on how much I care about them, and 60% on how perfect a present I can think of for them. So sometimes my friends go without birthday/christmas presents because I can't think of anything that makes me go, "Oh that's perfect!" (and is also within my financial reach)

I already bought alariya's Christmas and birthday presents. ;-D I just KNOW she will LOVE them! (but what is up with December b-days? seriously?) And I got elya's present.
And I know what I'm getting Anika and Hannah... but for everyone else, I have some ideas but nothing decided. So, to increase your chances (which still may not be good because I have to make my money stretch) or just to let me learn a little more about you, either post your wish list, or comment here with it! Give me a good variety of stuff to choose from. ;-)

This so makes me wish I was fabulously wealthy. I'd spend ridiculous amounts of money this time of year.

my wish list is here, if you're curious. ;-)

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