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christmas presents!

I'm weird about presents. I don't give them just based on how much I care about a person -- I give them based 40% on how much I care about them, and 60% on how perfect a present I can think of for them. So sometimes my friends go without birthday/christmas presents because I can't think of anything that makes me go, "Oh that's perfect!" (and is also within my financial reach)

I already bought alariya's Christmas and birthday presents. ;-D I just KNOW she will LOVE them! (but what is up with December b-days? seriously?) And I got elya's present.
And I know what I'm getting Anika and Hannah... but for everyone else, I have some ideas but nothing decided. So, to increase your chances (which still may not be good because I have to make my money stretch) or just to let me learn a little more about you, either post your wish list, or comment here with it! Give me a good variety of stuff to choose from. ;-)

This so makes me wish I was fabulously wealthy. I'd spend ridiculous amounts of money this time of year.

my wish list is here, if you're curious. ;-)

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bluebl00d ══╣╠══
It can be both good and bad having our birthday in the month of December. I'm just glad my birthday is not like my cousin, on Dec 24th ;)
belenen ══╣upset╠══
Yeah -- that is worse! ugh!
darkpool ══╣╠══
I love trying to find people just the right thing, thought it doesn't always happen. I will buy something months ahead of time if I see just the right thing. I don't like getting presents for people if I don't know what to get them.
belenen ══╣garrulous╠══
I don't like getting presents for people if I don't know what to get them.

acid_burns ══╣╠══
Did you receive my card is the postal service fucking up again?
belenen ══╣vivacious╠══
as you know I did recieve it. ;-) and I got a stamp for yours, so I will probably send it tomorrow or the next day.
ex_alariya46 ══╣╠══
Woohoo, I feel so spoiled!

*huge grin*

You know, I like to think that I don't mind if people ever get me presents. But really, I abso-freakin'-lutely loooove it 'cause it shows they are thinking of me. I love to be thought of. I have something semi-fantabulous that I've been saving for you, and hopefully I'll get a good job soon, 'cause I've happed upon something that I think is marvelous, only I need a few tools to implement it...

I love you. Just reading that has made me feel special for the day. :D
belenen ══╣effervescent╠══
Oh you SHOULD feel spoiled, girlie. ;-) Just wait!

And I can't wait for whatever it is! ;-)
eternitywaiting ══╣chococat╠══
I'm kind of the same way - I rather hate giving present at holiday time because it forces me to either scramble and buy something that isn't perfectly what I wanted to get the person, or hold on to something for months on end waiting for the holiday to come around.

Heh, and this is a good time to say this, because while I know what I'd like to get you, I have no idea if I stand a chance in hell of getting it before Christmas. So regardless, expect a card, but don't be overly shocked if your present comes sometime after the holiday has passed. :-P
belenen ══╣loving╠══
awwwww you're getting me a present!!! I feel so special!!! *HUGS*

Dunno if I ever told you, but when you sent me a birthday present last year I wasn't just surprised, I was shocked! I had no idea that you cared enough to send me a present -- much less make me something! But I wrote it off, thinking you were just generous. Now I think you loved me. ;-) ♥
kevloid ══╣╠══
on pins & needles
did you ever get the postcard I mailed? I wanna send the xmas cd soon, but I kinda wanna see the first thing get there first, so I know it'll get there.
belenen ══╣giggling╠══
Re: on pins & needles
I totally got it, as you have seen. And you said you didn't say anything smartass -- addressing it to Bel. E. Dancer! *snicker* It took me a minute -- I was like, "Dancer? That's not my last name..." and then I got it and laughed out loud. ;-)
aubkabob ══╣╠══
i'm easy, really. i love socks, journals, anything shiny.
belenen ══╣upset╠══
*sticks out tongue at you* BE MORE SPECIFIC!!!!!!!!!!

I want a list from you missy, even if it's just to give me ideas! I have part of your present, but I want to add something else, and I don't know what! So gimme ideas!
aubkabob ══╣╠══
well, um, hrm... what's been floating my boat lately is striped socks - long ass striped socks. my favoritest pairs of socks right now are knee highs with big chunky stripes: one is purple and green, the other is navy and greyish pinkish. i also love toe socks.

(i'm a pisces and ruled by my feet, yanno.)

other than socks... hrm. i shall have to think on that one!
maladroitkat ══╣╠══
Bel, I had a dream about you last night. We were in a small town riding bikes -- I had a blue bike, and you had a purple bike. The whole purpose of our ride was to go buy a gift for a mutual friend. We never got to the store, though. We ended up riding all through town and the surrounding areas -- up and down hills, around lakes, through meadows . . .

It was such a nice, peaceful dream.
belenen ══╣loving╠══
oh how wonderful! ;-D I love that. ;-) Now we've both had a visit to each other's subconscious. *giggle*
baka_shampoo ══╣╠══
what sweet dedication to your friends you have.
I'm basically the same way.
cept, I see a TON of things that resemble my friends.
so I end up splurging on something ALWAYS on x-mas.
thought this year i'm limited. ACK!!!!

Don't worry about the money spending, most people do spend the most. Afterall, it is the most wonderful time for consumers of the year!!!!
belenen ══╣christmassy╠══
It is wonderful! I love this time of year.
johnny oollah
invisibleglue ══╣johnny oollah╠══
Yay! I've got your address! I'm sending you a little Christmas pressie to say thanks for being patient :)
on communication, social justice, intimacy, consent, friendship & other relationships, spirituality, gender, queerness, & dreams. Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.
Expect to find curse words, nudity, (occasionally explicit) talk of sex, and angry ranting, but NEVER slurs or sexually violent language. I use TW when I am aware of the need and on request.