Belenen (belenen) wrote,

my lj friend postcards!!!

I decided, to hell with a collage, I'll just attach them straight to the wall. This way I can add more without having to wait to get them all before I display them.

This is the area right above my beading table in the living room, to remind me of all of my wonderful wonderful friends! That fabulous dreamcatcher was made for me and given to me by eternitywaiting, the gorgeous purple glass droplet was a gift from kmiotutsie, and that japanese windchime was a gift from Hasumi, who isn't on LJ as far as I know but is a fabulous person.

a closeup of the cards:

The postcards!!! are from, in the order I recieved them (as close as I can remember): ohsaycanyousay, kmiotutsie (I'm counting the first card), eternitywaiting, lorelei_sakti, maladroitkat, bluebl00d, valynn, camilleyun, kevloid, and acid_burns. In case you are wondering who is the smartass who lives on Venus (no it isn't kevloid, as you might expect), that would be acid_burns. I laughed so much when I looked at the front of the card (which was after I had read the back, of course)! Nea, you are so adorable! and I love how you decorated it, so sweet! I was so happy. But the damn post office damaged the card. :-(

Actually, I got kevloid and acid_burns cards on the same day, as well as a letter from boobiequeen, and when I saw them I shrieked, "I'm RICH!!!" Seriously, I felt like the most loved person ever.

And camilleyun, you are just astoundingly awesome. ♥ I would say more, but sadly I have the card taped to the wall and I don't want to peel it off to re-read it! *giggle* So anyway thank you for the postcard -- I love how it symbolizes your two homes. And thank you for the Christmas card! I loved it too, all purple and artistic. ;-D

And I still have four postcards that need to get sent, so rest assured that I may be a procrastinator, but you are not forgotten!
Tags: firekat, home, lj friends, photos, postcard meme, sunny

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