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happy birthday m-kat!

Happy Birthday maladroitkat!!!
(I can't see myself ever calling you by your given name -- you just seem so much more like a Kat.)

You should be receiving my gift anytime now -- Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! Yeah it sucks that they get combined, but dammit, you shouldn't have picked December to get born! I ain't rich enough for all this! *giggle*

I adore your writing style -- you have a rare, smooth flow that is almost yummy to read. And you're way fucking gorgeous. You should wake up every day and look in the mirror and say, "I am so fucking gorgeous! I think I shall be generous and grace the world with my sweet presence and my fabulous looks today." And then you should go out and flaunt it.

You and I have a strange bond -- it's very understated since we really haven't conversed that often, yet I think we'd fall right into complete comfort with each other and talk for hours, were we to meet up face to face. You're special to me. I should call you up sometime and put my theory to the test. ;-) Until then, post more often! Love ya babe. ♥
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