Belenen (belenen) wrote,

polls / clique / lj-friend recommendations

If you haven't before (or if you have and weren't very specific), pleeeeease do these two polls:
favorites -- and BE SPECIFIC on favorite color -- lime or emerald, not just green; burgandy or ketchup, not just red.
obsessions and collections -- I wanna know what makes you drool/squeal/both

what I collect/obsess over:
--- My Little Pony petites (the inch-tall ones)
--- tiny porcelain vases and bells
--- Wee Winkles (like Fairy Winkles, but smaller) (obviously I love tiny things)
--- anything that is close to vivid violet
--- anything with dragonflies (as long as the dragonflies are fairly realistic, I don't like googly-eyed ones. Dragonfly eyes are NOT lumps on top of their head).
--- glass (seriously, I find it incredibly fascinating)
--- coffee (and all related accessories)
--- beading (and all related accessories)
--- sci-fi/fantasy novels (except human-centric sci-fi, I usually find it boring if they don't interact with another species, and I'm not too fond of space travel)
--- acid jazz music
--- books on near-death experiences & metaphysical theories
--- books on relationships
--- books based in a culture other than mine
--- Angelina Jolie movies & posters & photos
--- Ryan Phillippe movies


ooooh look, I have a clique! And you know what is cool about mine? It's made of mostly lj-friends, not people I met first in person. We're all serious LJers I suppose (though Ben doesn't count as a serious LJer).

I am a member of 1 clique of size 7
belenen, shioneh, aubkabob, eternitywaiting, alariya, ohsaycanyousay, & frenetik
Find the largest clique containing:

Is there anyone on your flist you think I'd click with or that you want me to get to know? Please keep in mind that I like REAL journals, where people write about their thoughts/feelings -- not just happenings, but how they felt about them. And I very much dislike quizzes, ugh! They aren't so bad when they're behind an lj-cut, though.

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