Belenen (belenen) wrote,


Can I ask my friends a favor?

If I write/say something that seems unbalanced/dumb/irrational/selfish/negative/etc., please give me the benefit of the doubt and assume that I wasn't clear enough and you misunderstood me. Even if it's just saying, "It seems to me like you are saying _____, and if that is what you meant then I think _______." But please don't just assume that I mean something that you find glaringly wrong. Compare it to my history, think about the type of person I am.

I can't STAND being misunderstood. I'd rather people know an unflattering truth about me than believe a flattering falsehood. And of course I hate when people think something negative about me that isn't true. And even if it seems obvious that I am saying "opinion1," I may in fact be clumsily saying "opinion2."
Tags: lj friends, rants, relationships, the essential belenen collection

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