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Hya swallowed a snail / Ben wonderful / Sylvia got a check-up

Well....  Hyacinthe swallowed a snail, went into convulsions, and nearly made me cry, I was so worried.  And apparently he has worked it out, 'cause he's fine now.  Oh, the snail was one of four or so that came with the plant I got for him (a live one!  Not an ugly fake) today.  I certainly hope he learned his lesson.

Ben is so wonderful.  He took me to El Ranchero's today.  I'm sleepy now, so not terribly coherant.  But I feel loved.  Oh yeah, and we had sex during his lunch break today.  He was happy.  ;-)  I was relaxed.

And Sylvia got a checkup today; she is soooooo much happier.  And tomorrow afternoon Colby is going to put the stereo in!  Wow I'm tired.  G'night.


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