Belenen (belenen) wrote,

christmas presents!

YAY! I have some presents done!

maladroitkat -- present already given!
jedibubbles -- present complete & wrapped!
alariya -- b-day present finished and wrapped, christmas present mostly-ready.
aubkabob -- present complete & wrapped & packed to ship!
eternitywaiting -- present complete & wrapped & packed to ship!
-- but listen up, you two -- if you can't wait until at least Christmas Eve to unwrap them, then I'm not sending them until the last minute, and THEN it might be late! So do I have your word that you'll wait?
notashamed -- present complete & wrapped & packed to ship!
ohsaycanyousay -- present wrapped, waiting to be packed to ship.
my eviltwin -- presents bought & wrapped!
shioneh -- present begun (it's a project!)
boobiequeen -- present bought!
misemifein2 -- present bought and on its way to me to be wrapped and sent! I miss Kate so terribly much! She better get internet next semester!
sunshinepill -- half of present bought.
Rebecca -- nothing yet.
elya -- half-done!
and I have the perfect idea for valynn, but no one seems to be selling it! arrrggh!
Yet to get: scream_baby, valynn, invisibleglue, & the other half of sunshinepill's present.
Still to figure out what to get! You guys are hard!:
presents for whatsarahsaid, kmiotutsie, & darkpool! Please give me ideas!

If I was rich I'd get presents for all of you. You all have my love!
Tags: christmas, giving, lj friends

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